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Friday, October 20, 2017

Irish Single Malt 24 yo, That Boutique-y Batch #1, 46,8%

Review #552
This is batch #1 from That Boutique-y Whisky Company, and only 264 bottles were made. Light and calm in the smell. Dry pineapple and some oranges comes to mind. Light vanilla and just a hint of oak. It´s all very subdued.

More unravels in the taste. Fruity and grassy notes. Some citrus appears and with some fruity and sugary sweetness and gentle oak, it lingers beautifully out in the finish. And when I say gentle oak, I really mean gentle (and elegant) oak.

As subdued the smell is, as much flavours you get in the taste. The oils fills your mouth and leaves you with a long finish. The strength also really suits the whisky. I will give this 84/100 (20/21/22/21).

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Fettercairn 29 yo (1988/2017), Maltbarn, 48,9%

Review #551
This is single cask no. 75 from Maltbarn. It is from an ex-Bourbon cask and only 154 bottles were made. Sweet grass and hay is the first that hits my nose. Some oak and vanilla as well. Vanilla, like when you are baking a cake.

Again, I get grass, and especially hay, in the taste. This time a hint of citrus in the background is present. Vanilla, honey and slightly burned caramel comes forward in the finish, but very light. The oak really compliment the notes of grass and hay.

This is rough Highland dram, and exactly how I imagine it would have tasted like back in the days. If they had matured their whisky for 29 years that is! However, I wouldn’t have guessed this to be almost 30 years old though – more around 20... I will give this 85/100 (21/21/21/22).

Monday, October 16, 2017

Arran 19 yo (1996/2016), The Single Cask, 45,8%

Review #550
A single cask from The Single Cask. It is cask number 1607 and 102 bottles were made. Sweet raisins and gentle oak in the smell. Sweet marzipan and oranges. Just a touch of grass citrus in the end.

More rough in the taste at first. Dirt and grass, but very quickly it turns sweet in the finish. Loads of honey and vanilla, but also some fruity sweetness that reminds me of Christmas. Maybe tangerines and clementines.

A funny combination of the rough notes, like grass and dirt, and the sweetness. But it works! As always – Arran delivers. This is like the dessert version of Arran and the age really suits the whisky. I will give this 86/100 (21/21/22/22).

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Tobermory 22 yo (1994/2016), Maltbarn, 53,4%

Review #549
Another single cask from Maltbarn. It is from a Bourbon cask and only 153 bottles were made. Fresh white fruits at first in the smell. Apples and pears, but also some exotic fruits like pineapple. Some light citrus and oak in the end.

Much more sweet in the taste, but still with the fresh white fruits as the dominating factor. A very sugary sweetness. The sweetness carries on to the finish and some citrus and oak appears again exactly as in the smell.

What a wonderful balance this whisky has! If you like your whisky fresh and sweet, this is for you! Perfect for a day in the sun with a cigar! But be careful – it is 53,4%, but it is very easy sipping! I will rate this 88/100 (21/22/22/23).

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Strathclyde 30 yo (1987/2017), Cask Owners Selection, 56,4%

Review #548
This is bottled for Skt. Klemens Malt by Whiskybroker. It is from cask #61889 and is bottle 45/165. Honey sweetness and oak in the smell. Honey and vanilla, but especially honey! A bit of dried fruits as well. Give it some time and the burned oak will come a bit forward.

Classic old grain whisky in the taste. Very sweet, like liquid honey, delicious red fruits and burned oak. Some caramel and sweet red grapes in the finish. The sweetness stays for a long time and the alcohol makes you feel alive.

An old grain whisky like it should be! Perfect amount of oak, sweetness and fruit. What I would call a dessert whisky. Would go great with a vanilla ice cream and chocolate cake. I will rate this 88/100 (22/22/22/22).

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Glengyle, Kilkerran WIP 1 (bottled 2009), 46%

Review #547
The first in the Kilkerran Work in Progress series from Glengyle Distillery. It is a mix of Bourbon and Sherry casks and 9000 bottles were made. Light white fruits and a bit of citrus in the smell. Light peat comes forward with some vanilla as well.

The peat is fresh and more noticeable in the taste. The citrus is very dominant and lingers off in the finish. Some vanilla sweetness and a touch of oak appears. A nice dram, but not much happens to be honest.

A great start for Glengyle and Kilkerran. The balance is great, but it is not very complex and I would have loved some more flavours to back up the great balance. I will give this 82/100 (20/20/21/21).

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Springbank 16 yo (1991/2007), Rum Wood, 54,2%

Review #546
This is from the series “Wood Expressions” and 5100 bottles were made. Sweet overripe plums in the smell. Some oak and sugars. Very sweet indeed! Some fruity sweetness in the end.

So sweet at first in the taste. The Rum really shines through, and the alcohol kick you get fits the whisky perfectly! Some brown sugar in the finish. The oak lies, with just a hint of tannins, in the background. Some sweet raisins as well.

If you enjoy Rum and sweet Springbank whiskies, then you probably would love this! The smell was a bit too much for me (Rum wise), but the rest was almost perfect! Not that I didn’t enjoy the smell! I will rate this 89/100 (21/23/23/22).